What We Do

We produce recreational & medical cannabis products. We use two different extraction methods; super critical CO2 and ethanol

Why Choose Us?

A foundation & pillars of ethics built on the medical market – industry experienced co-founders with open & innovative thinking.


We provide quality products that combine cannabis with traditional practices and new technology at competitive pricing.

The CO2 Company

Our vision is to become a cannabis market leader that contributes to future of cannabis medicine while representing the grass roots culture.

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Our 3 Pillars of Production


Safety is of the utmost importance to us at The CO2 Company. We ensure our manufacturing staff are safe during oil production & guarantee that our end products are clean & safe for consumers.


Our aim is to ensure we have a constant flow of consistent products coming to market. Although true consistency is almost impossible with the cannabis plant, we have implemented processes to ensure the parameters we can control are consistent.


We have a dedicated part of our production team working on researching new technology & techniques for producing, refining or formulating cannabis oil.

  • Family owned and operated since 2014
  • Triple tested to ensure the cleanest cannabis oil
  • Organic craft cannabis from a collective of Southern Oregon sun-grown farmers
  • Socially and environmentally responsible for our products from seed to science



Mamalou’s CBD Sleep Tincture”I can’t tell you how much this has changed my life. I’m 69 and a lifelong insomniac. Mama Lou’s gets me to sleep in 20 minutes and I wake only a couple of times a night (going straight back to sleep) instead of the 5 or 6 times I used to have”