About us

The CO2 Company was founded in 2014 as anu00a0extraction company based out of Southern Oregon. Built upon a pillar of ethics that include safety, productivity, and innovation. With distribution locations in Medford and Portland, we provide quality products across the state at competitive prices. The CO2 Company was one of the first vape brands in the State of Oregon and has evolved into a state market leader.u00a0We continuously strive to create quality products that combine new and innovative technologies with traditional practices. The CO2 Company usesu00a0solvent free methods like supercritical and sub critical CO2 extraction for full spectrum and high terpene full cannabinoid extracts. We also use ethanol extraction methods for other product lines. We believe we represent the grassroots of culture and cannabis history, creating dynamic brands which cater to both our patients and recreational consumers.

Our Process

We are proud to highlight that we produce all of our oil in house from raw material to finished products.u00a0u00a0

1. Flower Intake

The CO2 sources its raw material from a collective of Southern Oregon organic, outdoor farmers. At this stage, the flower has been tested as raw material

2. Micro Test

We do a micro extraction of a sample of the raw material to ensure that there is zero pesticides or mold when the oil is concentrated

3. Extraction

We use two main extraction methods; super critical CO2 and ethanol. The CO2 & ethanol work as solvents and separate the liquid oil from the solid plant matter.

4. Winterization

The oil/alcohol mix is put in an extra cold freezer to help separate the oil, fats & waxes. The filtration process pulls out these fats, waxes & alcohol so you are left with a pure golden oil u200b

5. Testing

The winterized oil is then tested at this stage for potency and to ensure there are no residual solvents left in the oil

6. Fractional Distillation

The oil is heated in a vacuum and then rapidly cooled which separates the THC, CBD and other cannabinoids to produce pure distillate containing specific cannabinoids

7. Formulation

Depending on the product, we combine our distillate with a precise percentage of natural ingredients such as fruit terpenes or Ayurvedic herbs

8. Final Product Testing

The last test before we put a product to market, we are testing for potency and to ensure the oil has not be contaminated at any point during the process especially during formulation or when using external products

9. Product to Market

Once our product is filled and packaged it is QC'd by our production manager and shipped to our distribution facility in Portland ready to sell

History of The CO2 Company

The CO2 Company is an Oregon owned company founded by two brothers who are passionate about representing the grass roots culture for the long standing cannabis industry.u00a0 Starting in a medical market, the company’s pillar’s of ethics are based on providing organic, clean medicine.u00a0 These pillars have been carried through to date and are represented in our new product lines.u00a0

The CO2 Company was founded in 2014.u00a0 Using a small scale extraction machine, The CO2 Company got ahead of the curve and was one of the first companies in Oregon to practice CO2 extraction methods and put the cannabis oil in a vape pen.u00a0u00a0Following the passing of Measure 91 in November 2014, The CO2 Company began selling their products to newly opened dispensaries in Portland & Southern Oregon.u00a0u00a0


After meeting an Indian herbal extraction company at the cannabis conference in Las Vegas the previous year, The CO2 Company flew out to India to study supercritical CO2 extraction of herbs like tumeric.u00a0 The CO2 Company studied herbal extractions as well as using herbal blends as holistic medicine.u00a0 This gave us the idea to combine ancient herbal remedies with cannabis to create a new innovative product tailored to consumer’s ailments.u00a0u00a0


With recreational legalization still in a grey area until October 1, The CO2 Company persevered with the sales of their ‘Green Light’ vape pens & bulk flower to medical dispensaries.u00a0 The CO2 Company pushed to get a number of Southern Oregon farmers compliant and branded, ready for sales by October.u00a0By attending numerous trade shows, hosting cannabis parties and staying faithful to grass roots cannabis culture, Oregon grew fond of The CO2 Company brand right in time for recreational sales.


Later in the year, The CO2 Company’s distribution facility, Portland Auction House opened being the first business to ‘business dispensary in Oregon


After attending our second cannabis conference in Las Vegas, we met a California based company called Emerald Family Farms who is now our partner based in California.u00a0 Their ethics & devotion to the grass roots culture aligned with ours, which was the starting foundation to a great relationship.u00a0 This partnership has enabled us to work together and launch each others brands across state lines.u00a0

In 2016, The CO2 Company launched two new brands along side the Green Light pen; Full Spectrum & The TWAX Joint.u00a0u00a0

After exploring new technology, the company started producing distillate oil as well as CO2 oil.u00a0 Full Spectrum combined these two methods producing a brand with numerous cannabinoids still present offering the entourage affect to your consumers.u00a0

The CO2 Company also formed a relationship with She Smokes Joints & Tony Greenhand developing a oil infused joint, now one of the most popular pre-rolls on the market.u00a0 Later in 2016, the TWAX Joint was launched in California.u00a0u00a0

At The CO2 Company, 2017 is known as ‘The Year of Regulation’

With recreational regulation & laws evolving, more and more was required in order to be compliant & become licensed. The CO2 Company’s extraction facility was shut down X times in 2017 but nonetheless, the company managed to survive one of the hardest years in Oregon’s cannabis industry to date.u00a0

In October 2017, The CO2 Company launched the Slim TWAX Joint

In 2018 The CO2 Company launched 3 new product lines inu00a0 Q1; tinctures, Fruitlust & RSO.

Our focus this year is to launch two more brands we are working on, finish the build out of our extraction facility and begin toll processing oil for hemp farmers