How to use your variable voltage battery

Instructions: Thank You for purchasing the CO2 Company Deluxe variable voltage vape battery with pre-heating functions.
To turn your unit ‘on’, please click the battery 5 times rapidly. The indicator lights around the button will flash indicating the unit is ‘On’ and ready to Vape.

Make sure your cartridge is screwed into your battery securely.
Push and Hold the Power button while simultaneously inhaling on the cartridge.
Please ensure that you push and hold the button throughout the duration of your inhale.

Activating Preheat-mode
Once the unit is first turned on, click the power button twice simultaneously to activate Pre-heating.
The Unit will begin preheating for 15 seconds omitting a low voltage through the tank to prime it. During preheat you can push the power button 1 time at any time during the preheat to exit preheating mode.

Adjusting the temperature
Your unit is variable voltage which allows you to adjust the temperature of the unit. This lets you alternate between 3 intensity levels and allows you to select the optimal temperature to achieve optimal flavor.

When your battery is in the ON
position push the button 3 times simultaneously. You will see the indicator light blink and change colors. Continue clicking the button 3 times until the desired temperature / Color is selected by the below breakdown.
3.4 Volts – Red Light – Lowest Temperature / Intensity
3.7 Volts – Green Light – Medium Temperature / Intensity
4.0 Volts – White Light – High Temperature / Intensity

Transporting the Device and Safety.
When Transporting the device it is always best to use the provided carrying case. This will ensure that all components are safe. Make sure the device / Battery is in the OFF position when it is not in use. Keep the device away from extreme temperatures and altitude

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